Monday, November 5, 2012

Perfect November


Hey, sorry that I've been busy lately so that I couldn't even have a time to update anything new ! Hihi 
Yet no worries, because I've decided to start blogging ! Jyeahhh *lompat-lompat* 

Mesti korang nak tau kenapa aku tetiba terdetik dan terlintas hati ni nak login apetah lagi timbul idea nak menulis kan kan? Please jangan tipu hihi okaay actually on 5th November, at 7.10 pm sharp, tetiba terdetik nak bukak and yes dengan kata yang lebih mendalam adalah stalk my bestfriend punya blog and suddenly I found this : 

Since I knew who is she meant this to, my tears keep falling. For God Sake, I miss you too Nadt. Like seriously, I've been looking for a perfect time to text you and straight away to tell you that I miss you so. I'm really sorry if I ever done wrong to you, I didn't mean it. You know me very well. We're just like a sisters, remember? I love you so much :')

Then yesterday, I was like very stressful because of some shit so I felt like to watch movie with my bestfriend, Sofiena. All of sudden, rasa macam bosan pulak selalu keluar berdua je dengan Sofiena tu so I've commited to text Nadt and asked her to come along even I knew she wasn't healthy on that day. Greatfully, she texted me back and yeahhh kitorang pon keluar sama-sama like what we used to. Kitorang pergi watch movie cerita Paranormal Activity 4 dekat City Square macam zaman agas-agas dulu Euuww haha okay stop it! Habis movie kitorang ber-Auntie Annes and I sent them home :)

While waiting for Sofiena. It's me & Nadt <3>

Moral of the story, bila korang ade problem dengan kawan-kawan yang korang, buang-buang la sikap ego tu. Tak ke mana pon, diri sendiri yang susah kan. Persahabatan tu penting, engat ni. Bawak-bawak la belajar minta maaf, bukan susah mana pon. Kawan senang boleh nak carik, tapi kawan yang susah sama-sama? Susah kan? Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal ! :))

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